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Success Stories

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I can’t thank Carrie enough for all she has done for me.  I have an autoimmune disease (Ankylosing Spondylitis) and other medical conditions that have become unresponsive to prescription medications and can cause a great deal of chronic pain.  Working with Carrie has given me hope for a brighter future without the long list of side effects that come from prescription medications.  Her extensive knowledge of autoimmune disorders, and holistic health and nutrition is a product of her own life experiences and passion for healthy living.  Carrie is so supportive, compassionate, and has a genuine passion for helping others.

I highly recommend Carrie to help you with your health journey!

~ Kevin T.


It's been incredibly helpful working with Carrie! Her knowledge of health and wellness has given me so many tools to add to my toolbox! She has helped me to heal issues I have suffered with for years, especially when dealing with mold illness and repairing digestive complications. I also appreciate her gentle and non-judgmental way of educating me. Carrie gives you the tools and support, but doesn't make you feel bad if you mess up your diet or take a step back from your plan. I can't thank Carrie enough for helping me address issues that I have had for so long and identify ones I didn't even know about!


~ Rachel B.

I've had digestive health issues for over 20 years, which progressively became worse within the last 7 years.  After seeing multiple specialists and running a variety of tests, the recommendation was made to alter my diet, specifically removing gluten and dairy. Starting a new diet can be an overwhelming task, especially when you're removing a lot of your favorite meals and snacks from your food regimen.  Carrie did a wonderful job guiding me through this process by making recommendations tailored to my needs, which included information on foods to try, ingredients to stay away from (or limit), and how to help me shop for these items in general. Not every gluten free or dairy free substitute is the same and it's interesting to see how trigger ingredients are hidden in certain foods, over the counter medications, and even skin products.  Over time, I started to notice a significant decrease in some of my most common digestive health complaints, such as less stomach aches, bloating, and irregularity.  I noticed I had more energy and less headaches, which is a plus as a mom with little ones at home!  It was refreshing to know that these symptoms could be improved by changing diet alone.  Anytime I know someone struggling with similar symptoms or experiencing food sensitivities and/or allergies in general, I always refer them to Carrie.


~Beth G.

My experience with Carrie has been awesome!  Her knowledge and understanding of autoimmune and adrenals issues is top notch.  Carrie’s guidance is clear, approachable, and compassionate. She helped identify goals that were important to me and explore ideas on how to make sustainable changes.  I am healing and feeling better than I have in years!

~ Kim C.

Carrie has been very helpful guiding me with nutrition and implementing changes.  After I went through surgery, I was having issues with my diabetes, bringing my sugar levels down with my typical medication dose where my doctor wanted me to increase my medication.  Carrie and I discussed some options and after it was ok’d by my doctor, she helped me implement shifts to my diet that helped balance my adrenals and blood sugar.  It worked well, and I was able to decrease my insulin medication.  I’m very thankful for all of Carrie’s help!


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